New Wave Energy is the next frontier in energy choice. Our main focus is providing low cost, environmentally friendly and reliable energy to our customers across the United States. Whether you are a large business on Wall Street, or a small business or home on Main Street, our expertise always has your bottom-line as our core concern. As energy innovators, the experts at New Wave Energy are constantly researching methods to produce and supply the most beneficial and cost effective means to secure our energy future.

New Wave Energy was founded in 2009 as a licensed provider of electricity and natural gas in New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Under the leadership of its principal officers, New Wave Energy quickly established itself as a reputable Retail Energy Provider (REP) and supplier of low-cost electricity and natural gas services to commercial and residential customers throughout deregulated states. We are determined to become a dominant force in the deregulated energy markets, wherever they may exist or arise. We pledge to deliver the most comprehensive and cost effective energy supply to all of our valued customers. As deregulation expands in to new markets, so will our operations.


We have a local approach to a national phenomenon and plan on using the telecom model as an analogous means to view upcoming consumer trends and demands. We consistently and constantly sign new clientele and are proud of our expansive book of customers.

In today’s economy, individuals understand their energy choices and needs better than ever. It goes without saying that the future of domestic energy does not lay overseas, in fossil fuels or pollutants. Securing our energy future means new innovations in non-carbon emitting facets including the power of natural gas, wind, solar, and WAVE. The Research & Development team at New Wave Energy will never tire until our energy future is secured.


In the past, one Utility provided the three components of your energy service: generation, transmission and distribution. State Legislatures and public authorities of many states have created competition for electricity and natural gas supply by systematically deregulating. This competition was created by breaking up the natural and legal monopolies the Utility companies once had. This allows consumers to choose their energy supplier, while the delivery of the energy, upkeep of infrastructure, and emergency services are still regulated and are the responsibility of the local utility company.

Deregulated states have allowed consumers to choose the energy provider that best suits their needs, rather than having to pay whatever the Utility companies mandate each month. Deregulation broke up the energy market into the following sectors: the power generators; the transmission and distribution companies; and the retail electricity providers, or REPs, which buy energy at wholesale prices and then sell to customers at retail rates. That's what we are! New Wave Energy is a leading REP and is committed to providing our customers with services their Utility cannot. Our system is set up so that power is always delivered to the customer at competitive rates.

  • Same bill
  • Same check
  • Lower rates


*Services described above and within our "Services*" tab change from time-to-time based on various market conditions and fluctuations and are not always available and/or guaranteed.

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